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Telecommunication Infrastructure Management

Our goals:

  • Reduce costs and generate new revenue
  • Improve management of telecommunications-related processes
  • Increase tenant satisfaction
  • Manage infrastructure optimally
  • Add value to buildings

Access management to telecommunications infrastructure by telecommunications service providers (TSP) has become an issue for property managers who need to set up  telecom management process:

  • establish rent and charges to market price and make sure to recover all costs,
  • use adequate legal framework (adapted leases)
  • establish and enforce technical standards for the installation and removal of equipment (optimal management of occupied areas, compliance with the building code, fire prevention and inspections).

PodiumTech meets all these needs, freeing the operators of increasingly complex tasks. In addition, the CRTC regulation allows real estate managers to recover most of our honoraries from the TSPs.

PodiumTech has the legal, technical, commercial and administrative expertise to process the access requests from TSPs and tenants when they want to use or rent space in telecommunications rooms, basement or floors, in horizontal or vertical ducts, on roofs, ceilings or walls for various types of equipment: antennas, fiber optics or copper cables of all kinds, transmission or routing equipment, etc.

Some of our services:

  • Comprehensive management of access requests by tenants and TSPs;
  • Audit and analysis of facilities and leases leading to specific recommendations (rent and charges payable, best practices, clauses that protect the owner);
  • Review of technologies deployed or to be deployed: antennas (wi-fi, cellular, satellite, etc.); cables and equipment (fiber, copper cable, various casings, etc.); specific systems (audio-visual, security, people counters, ATMs, etc.;
  • Analysis and preparation of technical designs;
  • Coordination of technical facilities, including security and inspections.

By billing our services to TSP, you benefit from expertise at very low cost by a service company dedicated to property managers and tenants since 2000.