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Project Management

Our goals:

  • Provide reliable and professional high-quality services
  • Facilitate the implementation of our clients’ plans by managing complex issues related to telecommunications
  • Manage projects while optimizing resources

When seeking expert telecommunications managers for construction, moves, additions, changes or any other project, PodiumTech has the knowledge and experience to support you to:

  • Conducting audit, set up inventories and make recommendations to protect investments
  • Establishing a cable abatement program, taking into consideration that old cable can be a fire hazard
  • Designing plans for moves, additions and changes of wire and wireless networks and for new installations
  • Listing technical specifications, prepare and manage tenders, supervise and inspect work
  • Coordinating the transfer of telecommunications equipment and services for new commissioning at an exact date and time
  • Seting up different types of networks and equipment: terminals, screens, people counting system, WiFi, cameras, telemetry equipment, etc.
  • Managing antennas of various types on buildings, monopole telecommunications towers and other support structures