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Optimization of telecommunication costs

Our goals:

  • Reduce all telecommunication costs: land lines and wireless, data, Internet and cable
  • Optimize equipment and investment: performance, competitiveness, sustainability
  • Increase user satisfaction

The multiple offers of telecommunications service providers are complex. Resellers sometimes have better prices but do not always offer the same guarantees. The price of some fiber optic links has dropped.  New equipment displays better technical specifications than former ones.  To evaluate, design, choose and implement the plan that meets your goals, PodiumTech assists you to:

  • Evaluate the monthly recurring charge of your telecommunications links
  • Draw up a table of all the items associated with billing
  • Review and validate the contractual terms covering all current operations
  • Identify sources of potential savings
  • Generate a detailed report identifying anomalies
  • Review operations for a migration to new IP technologies
  • Write state of the art call for tenders
  • Negotiate new contracts with equipment and telecom service providers
  • Move part or totality of the infrastructure via Cloud Computing applications
  • Manage network projects and technology commissioning  (Turnkey projects)

PodiumTech gives impartial recommendations by refusing all contracts from telecommunications service providers and by treating all suppliers equally, with no preference.

The results are tangible. At the end of our mandate, most customers benefit from:

  • recurrent savings of over 40%
  • new equipment on the cutting edge
  • whenever possible, revenues from the sale of their old systems